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Kaya debuted in 2002 as vocalist of Schwarz Stein, a band produced by ex-MALICE MIZER guitar legend Mana. After Schwarz Stein's disbandment in 2004, Kaya continued his career as a singer, making a formal debut as a solo artist in June of 2006. He then made his major label debut with Universal in 2008.

While a Visual Kei artist, Kaya has not limited himself to a band style; his performances also incorporate elements such as dancers and drag queen, making his concerts "show-like." Supported by fans around the world, Kaya has performed in North and South America, Europe, Russia and across the world.

Recent years have marked a focus on gothic and decadence in Kaya's "Return to Origins," his live performances expanding to include drums and guitar. Furthermore, Kaya began performing chanson in 2008, incorporating it vigorously into his life's work. Kaya is also known around the world as a gothic lolita fashion icon, representing renowned brands such as BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT.

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